We've earned our reputation as the area's premier furniture restoration experts by treating each and every piece as if it were a person. We understand that most pieces are tied to memories that need to be preserved. We've been known to say, "We listen to your furniture talk, and make it sing when it is done." Over the course of restoration, customers are always welcome to visit our shop to see and discuss the progress of their piece or pieces.

Read more about some of the pieces we've restored and the stories behind them:
cedar chest wood restoration, cedar chest furniture refinishing
This cedar chest was repaired and restored to its original state.
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traveling spinning wheel restoration, wood spinning wheel refinishing
This unique piece had been in our customer's family for many years. We stripped it and restored it to it's original glory.
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hand carved wood chest restoration, wood chest furniture refinishing
The detail of the intricate hand carving on this wood trunk was returned to its original beauty and richness.
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upholstered rocking chair restoration, rocking chair furniture refinishing
A customer brought in an upholstered rocking chair to be restained and restored.
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wood chest furniture restoration, reveneering, furniture repair
This customer purchased this piece at an antique store for their home. Mar-lynn Furniture repaired, reveneering and refinished the wood chest to the delight of the owner.
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church pew restoration, church wood refinishing
A large local church hired Mar-Lynn Furniture to refinish all pews throughout the church.
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arm of chair furniture restoration, dog chew
Our customer's new puppy did a number on the wooden arm of their upholstered chair. The pet had yet to be taught the difference between furniture and chew toys.
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dining table furniture restoration
Our customer found this table in her mother's attic. While it was not in very good condition when she found it, she remembered it fondly as a child. We were able to refinish and restore the table with the rich finish it had years ago.
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coffee table furniture restoration
Our customer remembers playing around this table as a child, imagining it was a castle. The table suffered water damage and the customer hoped we would be able to restore it to a warm brown tone. After several applications of our industrial stripper due to the French Provincial finish, the customer was amazed when we presented the finished product to him, with no trace of the water stain.
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chest of drawers furniture restoration
This piece fell off the movers truck on its way to Illinois from Michigan. Dragged down the highway, the piece was split and severely damaged. The customer went down the road, collecting as many pieces as she could. We were able to restore the piece and come up with like hardware to come close to the original. The customer was pleased she was able to return a piece of her bedroom set back from the grave.
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rocking chair furniture restoration
This rocking chair, belonging to a customer's grandfather, came into our shop broken. In the hopes we could salvage it, the customer had pieces hanging from the arm in a plastic bag and sitting on the seat. After we repaired the broken pieces and refinished it, the restored chair now sits in the customer's living room.
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dressing table furniture restoration
Our customer and her husband had taken her mother's dressing table apart and attempted to restore it themselves. The before photo demonstrates how they were sanding to strip the piece before coming to us for help just in time. Had the wood been sanded further, the veneer could not have been saved. The restored dressing table now sits in the customer's bedroom and she's pleased she is able to 'visit with her Mom' everyday.
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rectangular accent table furniture restoration
This table was thought to be totally ruined by the sun. By stripping the table, Mar-Lynn exposed the grain on the top and the lower shelf of the table, and restored the piece to its original condition. By staining the table lighter, the customer was stunned to see the grain reemerge. The turnings and the crest on the front of the table were glazed a darker color, enhacing the aged quality of the table.
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antique chair furniture restoration
Over the years, this family's chair had been painted several times by grandfather and grandmother. The grandmother lived to see her chair passed down to her one son, totally stripped and refinished. Upon being able to see the lion's head on the crest of the chair once again, she cried. The customer was amazed we were able to remove the many layers of paint off, letting the true beauty of her chair shine through.
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round accent table furniture restoration
A customer brought in this accent table of her mother's that she was very sentimental about. It had suffered damage at the hands of her husband who thought it to be junk. After we took and totally stripped and refinished it she cried when she saw it delivered to her home. Having seen it fully restored, her husband was full of apologies for having mistreated it. We left the household a happy one!
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armoire furniture restoration
This customer's armoire had spent time in the garage where her husband had his antique car's tail end facing the chest of drawers. The white circle on the before photo shows the extensive damage from the car's exhaust pipe. Taking the chest of drawers, we stripped and refinished it to bring it back fully restored. She presented the updated chest to her husband as a joke birthday present and It is now his favorite furniture piece in their home.
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